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Groups SohoLisa Created



    Th countdown to Christmas has begun! Tell us your favourtie Christmas restaurants for a perect Xmas meal, your favourtie bar for a Snowball or the best shops for the best pressies this side of the river!

    11 members


    Things to Do in Soho

    Find ideas and inspiration for things to see and do in and around Soho.

    47 members


    New Soho

    New clubs, bars and businesses opening in Soho - if it's new, we wanna know!

    21 members



    If it takes place in Soho and involves the community, it's here! Get posting!

    35 members



    A group to discuss issues of crime in Soho

    2 members

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Groups SohoLisa Joined

  • Profile image for fashionews


    Celebrities, entertainers and public figures that add colour and glamour to Soho! Please add your celebrity pictures here.

    8 members

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    Get the latest weather forecast for Saltash, and join in the conversation

    7 members

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    Soho Business

    Soho businesses need a place to stick together, let's use our great community to make sure we're all getting the best deals and working with each other through these difficult trading times.

    17 members

  • Profile image for Soho People


    Get the latest news, community information and general goings on in Saltash

    85 members

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    General Discussion

    This is a Group for General Discussion topics related to Soho when none of the other Groups quite fit the bill

    65 members

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