Terrible customer service and relations at The Arts Theatre Club

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By MaddiSimpson | Monday, December 09, 2013, 10:12

I thought that everyone should see the dreadful correspondence I recently had with the manager of The Arts Theatre Club on Frith Street. Hopefully this will discourage people from visiting this establishment. The incredibly rude tone and the way the manager obviously ignored what I had actually written have made myself and several of my friends decide to never give them our business again. 

The reply to my email complaining of poor customer service (the original is written below): 

"It appears that your complaint is with the record company and not with us.

If you do not like our music then I suggest you no longer visit our club.

And if you don't like my staff, please do not visit our club." 

My original email: 

"Good morning,


On Wednesday the 4th of November I was given your card after complaining about a certain song being played around 10.45pm. If you are not the correct person to contact then I apologise and would be very grateful if you could forward this.

The song in question was 'Blurred Lines' by Robin Thicke. I hardly think it's necessary to explain my issues with this song as the sexist and misogynistic lyrics have been widely written about but even the title of the song implies that no doesn't always mean no and that all girls, no matter how interested they seem, 'want it'.

I asked the DJ to turn it off when I heard it come on, and he shrugged me off and told me to talk to the manager. I walked over to the bar and asked to speak to the manager - unfortunately I did not get his name but he is the one who gave me this card. The manager did not seem concerned that this song bothered me but said he would ask the DJ to change it. He returned a few minutes later, having left me standing there unsure whether I was supposed to be waiting for him or not, shaking his head and mumbling something that I honestly could not hear. He didn't even stop on the same side of the bar as me to talk to me, instead going behind it, making it very hard to converse. When I asked him why the song was still on and if he understood why I felt so strongly about it, he gave me a very insincere 'yeah, sure' at which point the song finished and he said 'see, he changed it now'. 

I asked for contact details to enable me to contact someone higher than this man because it was obvious he was patronising me and did not care that I took issue with the song. In fact I was very offended by the way that both people treated me in such an unapologetic nature and I left your establishment very soon after.

I hope you understand how I view this as unacceptable behaviour and this is why I wrote to you on this matter. I am not asking you to permanently remove the song from your playlists, though it might be worth considering whether this song should be played, I would just like it known that I was treated very badly.

I await your response, 

Madeleine Simpson"

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